It's been almost a month since NDP'09.

The celebrations of a successful Parade was held in countless places as people sat around and swapped tales, juicy gossips and experiences.

Keen to know our views?

We're going to say it even if you aren't :D

We're glad to be part of this New Media team. We're glad to have the opportunities to speak to people whom we would otherwise never have the chance of speaking to. Most of all, we're glad that many people supported the nation, be it by singing nationalistic songs with more fervor or reading this blog.

The time has come for us to pass the baton on. Next year, a team of dedicated men would soldier on to bring you more blog tales. Do promise to patronise them.

Hopefully, we would be invited back as guest bloggers, to continue to nurture this blog, our shared baby.

Meanwhile, do treat this period of inactivity as a fallowing period for NDPeeps. By resting for the few months, we'll be sufficiently recharged next year to bring even more news to you all.

Fret Not.

We'll Be Back.

If we were to ask the Singaporean bird "What do you see?" during the NDP parade last week, perhaps these surreal displays would be the answer.

Didn't get that spectacular view of the platform from where you were seated during the parade? Here are the resplendent pictures (as viewed from above) capturing some great masterpieces of the parade. It's all thanks to the hard work and coordination of the performers and backstage crew. So do enjoy and be awe-struck!

Fitting the pieces together, do you see the Singapore story?
(This scene was on land reclamation, "Fast Forward". haha.)

The Singaporea Heartbeat.


Brilliant red hues?

Or tinctures of sapphire and cerulean blue?

Vermilion red, brimming with life and vitality.

Sang Nila Utama amidst the turbulent waters.

The immaculate formations.

The Singapore flag flies higher than the bird!

The little red ants go marching on and on..

Haha, the bird must be thinking what contingents are these? Well, they're certainly not as nice as those marching in uniform.

Come Together

Our little red dot's inextricably connected to places around the globe.

A breathtaking view of the floating platform.

And so the bird has to fly higher so as not to get caught in the fireworks.

And ahhh, surrealism!

Well folks, here's what our Prime Minister has to say to all of us this National Day. You can find the full message in the four languages here. Haha, it somehow reminds me of the times in school where the principal gets to talk to the entire cohort on various issues concerning the school and education. Just that I realise this message is addressing the entire nation, You, Me and every Singaporean. So here's a short summary of what he wants to tell us and some useful insights.

In a nutshell, 3 main points reverberate throughout his message:

-We have been striving hard in dismal economic times this year and have responded "resolutely and cohesively" to overcome the hardships. We are now less vulnerable and "in a stronger position".

- To always look to the future and prepare for a rainy day. The "outlook remains clouded". We should always aim to turn trials and tribulations into opportunities, difficulties into challenges, adversity into prosperity.

- We have, we will, and will always need to Come Together as we unite to succeed in our Singaporean endeavours. "Let us stand shoulder-to-shoulder, so that whether it rains or shines, we can work together and achieve the best results for Singapore".

Well, looks like we have a busy year ahead of us as we surface from the quagmire we've been mired in for a while. Hmm, this year's theme song's lyrics do ring true. What do we see in the coming years for Singapore? Believe that we will survive the odds together and achieve our hopes and dreams. "Cos the sky's the only limit, when you're not afraid to dream".

Never fear to do your best to overcome hardship in disconsolate times

PM Lee has been talking a lot about making use of opportunities, seeking improvement and to always reach out to others such that no Singaporean is left alone, share the opportunities and endowments we have. In the midst of painstakingly trying to support our families or to earn a stable income, lets not get too caught up in the vortex of a fast-paced life. Yes, we are standing up for Singapore by doing so, but lets do it with a smile. Pause occasionally to relish what's great about our lives and the place we call home.

Perhaps it's an inexorable trend that we will overcome the odds? From our forefathers who used every ounce of energy they had to support the family in those turbulent times, to our people rallying together to fight for independence, to Singaporeans coming together to overcome crisis such as the Asian Economic Crisis, 9/11 attacks and SARS. As PM Lee said, "Each time our people have rallied and prevailed". We have yet another "adventure" to take on now with this crisis, so lets do what we should, and head "UP"!

But lets not get complacent. (Actually, we hardly ever do so cos we're kinda kiasu haha, it's our culture and style.) We gotta open our eyes and explore new and innovative avenues to improve ourselves and what's around us. After all, "We are not just pursuing economic growth, strengthening our society, or remaking our city, but creating a new Singapore".

Ahhh, there are no boundaries. With every step we climb another mountain. With every breath it may seem harder to believe that we may achieve. The road may seem to be going nowhere. But if we do it together as we've seen and heard before, we'll make it through the pain and weather the hurricanes to get to our goals. There are no boundaries. haha, courtesy of the song "No Boundaries"..Was listening to the song earlier on and found it somewhat relevant. I fancy it's a little similar to our our theme song..haha.

So Singaporeans, it's up to you, What Do You See? =)

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